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Berenice Carroll

Berenice Carroll is an Indiana socialist. She was the partner of the late Clint Fink.

Dr. Berenice Carroll, a pioneer of women’s rights, passed away on May 10, 2018 in Lafayette, Indiana. Born in New York in 1932, Dr. Carroll was a significant leader in the research and study of the United States, global peace and war, and women’s studies as well as an essential figure in the founding of several NGO’s and community organizations, and leading activism for over five decades.

Dr. Carroll was a Professor Emerita of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She served as Chair of the Division of General Studies from 1966-1969 and Director in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies from 1983-1987. While Director of the Gender and Women’s studies, she oversaw the creation of the Women’s Studies Program and the approval of a Women’s Studies Minor.

In 1990, Dr. Carroll continued her academic career at Purdue University as the Director of the Women’s Studies Program. In 2009, she was the recipient of the Violet Haas Award for developing an educational program that promoted the advancement of women and their rights at Purdue University.

She was the co-founder of Grass Roots Group of Second Class Citizens in Champaign-Urbana, which worked for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. She was also the co-founder/board member of A Women's Place/A Women’s Fund, the FIRST shelter for battered women in Illinois, which eventually also included rape crisis counseling and assistance.Carroll held leading positions in AAUP as well as UPE (IFT/AFT), she served on the executive board of SANE (National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy), on the council on the Status of Women at Purdue and the editorial and publication committees of Community Times (Lafayette). Among other involvements, she was the co-author of an amicus brief filed in support of military personnel refusing deployment to Iraq on grounds of Nuremberg Principles starting in 2005, served as faculty advisor for the Purdue Organization for Labor Equality (POLE) as well as an observer and advisor in hunger strikes and other forms of nonviolent actions in the last ten years.[1]

Peace activist

Since the 1980s Clint Fink (and his partner Berenice Carroll) continued to do research focused on peace theory and peace action drawing connections between movements for peace and movements for justice (including justice for women, people of color, and workers). They both became chairs of COPRED (the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development--currently the Peace and Justice Studies Association) and were active participants in the International Peace Research Association. For a time they edited Peace and Change. In their most recent, and perhaps most significant scholarly work (2007), they edited and wrote an introduction to Jane Addams' classic essay, Newer Ideals of Peace.

In the extensive introduction Carroll and Fink link Addams' theoretical and practical work to the core concepts of modern peace studies, addressing both direct and structural violence. They point out that Addams is a significant precursor to modern peace studies in that she theorizes and advocates for linking peace to social justice and scholarship to action. In a sense Fink's earlier historical explorations were applied to this renewed recognition of Addams' work as a guide for use in the twenty-first century.[2]

Committees of Correspondence

On February 26 1994 a Midwest Regional Meeting of Committees of Correspondence was held at West Lafayette Indiana.

Participants included Berenice Carroll, Lafayette, Indiana.[3]

Supporting Committees of Correspondence

In 1995 Carroll was listed[4] as one of the "COC members and friends" donating to Committees of Correspondence. She contributed $100.

CCDS Midwest meeting

Twenty members and friends of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) spent April 25 2009, in West Lafayette, Indiana, discussing how to build an effective progressive majority for the Obama years at its semi-annual Midwest regional meeting.

Berenice Carroll, CCDS member in West Lafayette, added that all the issues discussed must also consider the particular effects of economic and political crisis on women.[5]

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Berenice Carroll, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[6]