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Becky Simonsen is a lead organizer at District 1199, The New England Health Care Employees Union/SEIU and a member of Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

CT for Bernie

Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America February 8 2020.


Connecticut #DSAforBernie is showing up in New Hampshire! 🌹

  1. CTforBernie — with Becky Simonsen and Zack Campbell.

Steering Committee 2020

Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America steering committee members in 2020 were Bill Meyerson, Catherine Meyerson, Sarah Ganong, Becky Simonsen, Puya Gerami.[2]

Connecticut DSA

Close to a hundred people gathered in a conference room on Sunday April 7 2019 to discuss Democratic Socialist politics and their visions for Connecticut’s future.

The Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, met at the Planned Parenthood of Southern New England on Whitney Avenue for their monthly general assembly meeting.

Becky Simonsen, a member of the chapter’s steering committee, told attendees. “The strength of our organization relies on our size, our unity and our ability to influence public policy and to exert power in whatever campaign we’re running.”

Attendees discussed “Fight for 15,” which describes the legislative effort to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour in the state. Connecticut’s current hourly minimum wage is $10.10 — almost $3 more than the national figure. A bill regarding an increase in minimum wage to $15 — a figure widely cited by progressive activists throughout the country — has already passed the Connecticut General Assembly’s Labor and Public Employees Committee. The resolution is awaiting a hearing date before the entire General Assembly votes on it.

The proposal for a higher minimum wage reflects the group’s values and hopes for an “end to austerity and class inequality, end to patriarchy and end to white supremacy,” said Puya Gerami, another member of the steering committee.

Kevin Burgos, who leads the Fight for 15 in Hartford, rallied the group and told its members that Connecticut is “big about the people” despite its small population.[3]

Central Connecticut DSA Closed Group


Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, as of August 18, 2017.[4]


  • Becky Simonsen

DSA Women's Caucus Facebook group

Members of the DSA Women's Caucus closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017 included Becky Simonsen .[5]

Jewish Solidarity Caucus

Members of the Jewish Solidarity Caucus Members, Facebook group, as of February 8, 2018 included Becky Simonsen.[6]

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Becky Simonsen of Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America.


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