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Barack Hussein Obama (born August 4, 1961) is the 44th President of the United States of America and a former Senator representing Illinois. This page serves as a gateway through to a wide range of information about Barack Obama.

Family Background

Barack Obama's family and early life.

Political Career

Following Barack Obama's political career.

Life Events

Events that transpired during Obama's life that are relevant to his career.

Controversial and Radical Associates

Radical people associated with Barack Obama.

Radical Appointments

Radical people who have been elected to positions of power in the Obama Administration.

Ties to Islam

Barack Obama's involvment with Islam and Radical Muslims.

Obama and the Chicago Socialist Movement

Barack Obama's involvement with the Chicago Socialist Movement.

Executive Orders

A listing of Executive Orders instituted by Obama and his Administration.

Affiliated Organizations

Discover Barack Obama's involvement with the following organizations:

Democratic Socialists of America

New Party/Progressive Chicago

Communist Party USA

Committees of Correspondence

Labor Movement

ACORN & Project Vote

Annenbeg Challenge & Woods Fund

Other organizations...

Recent news

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