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Anthony Saidy is a California retired physician and Democratic Socialists of America member. He traveled four times to the Soviet Union as a chess master.[1]

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

In 1988 Dr. Anthony Saidy was President of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Greater Los Angeles - often called Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee ADC or AADCC.

Grassroots Fundraiser to elect Karen Bass to Congress

Friday, May 28, 2010 359 S. Westmoreland, Los Angeles, CA;

Help Elect Assembly Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass to Congress. Come join us in an afternoon of music, food and lively discussions on how we can help send Karen Bass to Washington, D.C. This is a grassroots fundraiser - everyone is welcome.

Host Committee: Gerry Villero & Ani Villero, Florante Ibanez & Rose Ibanez, David Kimbrough & Carol Ojeda-Kimbrough, Martha Matsuoka, Khader Hamide, and Robin Potash.

Sponsors: Rosa Arcadia, Prosy DelaCruz, Paul Estuar, Rachel Cometa Estuar, Lee Lipinski, Adrienne Hament, John Mina, Cecile Ochoa, Grace Yao, Dr. Anthony Saidy, and Thomas Szymanek.