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Andrea Lemoins is a Portland Oregon activist. Born in Louisiana, Andrea traveled throughout the United States as the child of an Air Force Captain. She grew up around a diverse group of people, which created a love of diversity that has become a core principle in her value system. This love led her to Philadelphia, and a year of service with AmeriCorps Vista. While there, Andrea attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, earning a degree in Baking and Pastry. She graduated first in her class, and began a career in fine dining restaurants service in the city. As a Woman of Color, she experienced racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and wage theft. These issues led her to work for the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United as a Policy Coordinator/Organizer. She moved to Portland in 2012 with her partner, and looks forward to continuing to fight for the rights of oppressed workers.[1]


Portland Jobs with Justice staff, as of 2015;[2]