Amika Tree Tendaji

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Amika Tree Tendaji

Amika Tree Tendaji is a leader of Black Lives Matter Chicago. Trainer at UMedics Mental Health Organizer at Southside Together Organizing for Power - STOP.


Amika Tree Tendaji is a member of LeftRoots.[1]


Honduras ooo.PNG

In honor of my dear sweet Amika Big Tree Tendaji’s birthday, I am asking that you donate to help her get to Honduras to participate in a human rights delegation. Amika is sweet, funny, clever, witty, a co-founder of Chicago’s first urban response team and has been wanting to go on this trip for two years. Amika has worked and organized in Chicago for over two decades and has been involved in many movements including but not limited to campaigns to stop the closure of mental health clinics, ban the box, stop the closure of public schools, justice for people killed by police, emergency urban response and so much more. She is a brilliant strategist, writer, comedian, mom, sister, mentor, granddaughter, comrade, teacher, healer. Please donate what you can to help send her to Honduras. No amount is too small, every little bit helps!

Black History Month Forum

Black History Month Forum: The Black Agenda In 2020 Elections was held in Chicago in early 2020. Convenened by Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.


Panelists were Jenn Johnson, Chief of Staff of Chicago Teachers Union, Tanya Watkins of SOUL in Action, Amika Tree Tendaji of Black Lives Matter Chicago and Frank Chapman. Poetry by Bella Bahhs. MC Kobi Guillory.

Brazillian visitors


Amika Tree Tendaji May 24, 2019 ·

Last night I got to share an evening with these incredible women. Some I’m fortunate enough to bask in the presence of pretty regularly & 3 women from Brazil 🇧🇷 whose children were tortured or murdered by the police. They represent Mães de Maio and Associação Amparar. I don’t speak Portuguese & we only had one tired, hungry, hardworking, amazing translator, but I could understand how entwined our... See More — with Arewa Karen Winters, Alice Kim, Aislinn Sol, Moni Cosby.

Brazillian delegation

During the month of November 2018, Juntos, a Brazilian youth led political organization will be celebrating Dia da Consciência Negra — Day of Black Consciousness by hosting conferences and actions across the country. As part of a growing relationship between the Black Lives Matter Network, M4BL organizers, and Juntos, Afro-Brazilian youth organizers have invited organizers from our movement to come connect, build, and strategize. This is a critical opportunity to expand our ability to build a powerful global Black liberation movement in our lifetime!

Cazembe Jackson November 9, 2017


We added some to the crew! We taking off! We will update when we land! #Black2Brazil — with Cherizar Crippen, Amika Tree Tendaji and Kandace Montgomery.