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Americans for Immigrant Justice advocates for illegal immigrants and manipulates the court system through what is referred to as "impact litigation." According to their website:[1]

"In addition to organizing and working with our elected officials for fair and workable immigration policies, we also use impact litigation as a means to both investigate immigration enforcement practices and to bring about needed reform."

Recipient of Open Society Funding

Americans for Immigrant Justice was awarded $25,000 over six months to "produce a series of rights-education workshops and materials for immigrants who are targets of hate in rural Florida."

Communities Against Hate

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Open Society Foundation's Communities Against Hate initiative "supports organizations that are grappling with the spike in hate incidents in the United States over the last several months" as explained by a white paper dated June 22 2017.[2]

It continues:

"Our local grants, which range from $15,000 to $150,000, aim to support, protect, and empower those who are targets of hateful acts and rhetoric, and to bolster communities’ resilience and ability to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. We are making grants on a rolling basis, and there are a few more in process. A complete list will be published on the Open Society Foundations website when all of the grants have been issued."

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