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Alvaro C. Rodriquez is the son of Alvaro Rodriguez. Works at NASA Johnson Space Center. Lives in Houston, Texas.


  • Studied Mechanical engineering at Rice University
  • Studied Mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Went to Carroll High School


Liquid Casing is a quartet from the Lone Star State. But, they are not all native Texans. John Pitale is from New Jersey, Jim Stettner is from Upstate New York, and Okikiolu Olufokunbi is from Nigeria. The Texan is Alvaro C. Rodriquez who is from Houston. Liquid casing, however, is a material used in the oil industry as a confining agent to keep the drill walls from collapsing. Yet, Liquid Casing, the progressive rock band, wants nothing to do with confinement. The band's focus is to expose the politics of racial and ethnic divides. They want to end xenophobia and remove borders that separate people. In a nation built by diverse nationalities, Liquid Casing asserts territories spawn from diverse histories.[1]


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