Alexander Reed Kelly

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Alexander Reed Kelly


Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists October 13 2018:


With Alexander Reed Kelly, Alex Panagiotopoulos, Casey Brescia, Connor Campbell and Vanessa Agudelo.

Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists September 24 2018:


Thank you to everyone who attended our member assembly yesterday! It's absolutely inspiring to see so many people working together and building a community around our vision for a better Hudson Valley🌹 — with Dan Lutz, Blair Goodman, Ben Himmelfarb, Cori Madrid, Alexander Reed Kelly, Barry Falk, Peter Frase and Casey Brescia.

State Assembly run

Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists August 24 2018:


New Yorkers need state legislators who will stand up to the millionaire and billionaire class. Alex is a DSA member and he's made public control of our financial system the centerpiece of his campaign. We're with you!