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Alex Magasano

Bullets Can't Stop Us II

The Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines invites you to...A Report Back from the Philippines, Saturday, June 11th 2005, at 7pm @ EastSide Arts Alliance 2587 International Blvd. (between 25th & 26th Ave.)

Featuring a slide show and clips from the just-released video "Stop the Killings," Doug Wordell and Alex Magasano will report back from their recent human rights exposure trip to the Philippines. The report back will include an overview on the recent wave of state-sponsored killings of activists in the Philippines, which is one tactic the Bush-Arroyo regime is using to silence opposition to the so-called war on terror. Doug & Alex will also talk about their visits with union leaders, human rights workers, indigenous peoples, political prisoners and other leaders from the national democratic movement in the Philippines fighting for justice and peace.[1]


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