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(“Not me. Us”)
(“Not me. Us”)
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== “Not me. Us”==  
== “Not me. Us”==  
[[Democratic Socialists of America]] June 24 2020.
[[Democratic Socialists of America]] June 24 2020.

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Zac Goldstein

“Not me. Us”


Democratic Socialists of America June 24 2020.

It was never about any one candidate or campaign. Our movement builds power from the bottom up, it’s a movement of, by, and for the diverse, multiracial working-class: a movement for democratic socialism. “Not me. Us” means worker solidarity. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders knew that his candidacy for the presidency stood on the shoulders of the millions who fought for working-class power before us. While the campaign has ended, the struggle to win a new world for the many, not the few, continues.

Join the Democratic Socialists of America today, a now-70,000 plus democratically-run, member-led national organization fighting for the liberation of the working-class: dsausa.org/join

Written & directed by Zac Goldstein Filmed: Jeremy Flood & Kat O'Toole Edited: Molly Steuart Music & sound design: Cory Todd Produced by the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America & Denver Democratic Socialists of America.

Christmas comrades

Cullen Tiernan December 6, 2018:


Still feeling the festive joy and happy holidays from last night’s party (first time I think I’ve partied in a library 📚) super thankful to feel home with the #EBYD and have everyone here in my life 🙏🏽💙🇺🇸 — with Toni Gomez, Soli Alpert, Alfred Twu, Joe Diaz, Donald Lathbury, Lance Kwan, Zac Goldstein, Annie Koruga, Dean Wallace and Igor Tregub at San Leandro Public Main Library.