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Yash Khaleque is a member of Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas.

Co-chair run

In 2019 Yash Khaleque ran for Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas co-chair.

I’m involved more in the leadership and administration of the UTD branch than in the overall organization. As an officer, I work in outreach and collaboration with other student organizations, running meetings and creating content to present, and keeping up with university bureaucracy and the ongoing process of formally becoming YDSA. Although its not nearly of the scale of running NTX, I’m no stranger to messy paperwork and coordinating a sprawl of membership.[1]
I went to my first meeting in November 2018 (what a fitting one year anniversary), because I had been politically aware for a bit, and I now finally had the means to go out and do stuff. There I met the people with which we would found the UTD chapter. I aimed to maintain a presence in both groups. On campus, we teamed up with UFCW to campaign for a food workers’ union. With the Electoral WG, I went out door knocking for campaigns. More recently, UTD-DSA cohosted a documentary screening on Israeli occupation with Students for Justice in Palestine, and an upcoming Kashmir solidarity event this month. I’m also in the DSAforBernie and SocialistNightSchool projects, to the extent they’re active.