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World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) replaced the International Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), which existed between 1919 and 1945 and was associated with Labour and Socialist International (LSI).[1]


2018 Labor Conference featuring World Federation of Trade Unions

Labor Conference featuring World Federation of Trade Unions WFTU March 17 2018 (Facebook Invitation screenshot)

On March 17 2018, the World Federation of Trade Unions held a "class-oriented Labor Conference" featuring a "full day of panels and presentations discussing International Working Class Unity, Class Oriented Struggle, Building a Workers' Party, Labor and Community Fights for Health Care, Immigration Rights, Housing, Ending Police Brutality."[6]

"Roofers Union Local 36 is hosting a historic, class-oriented Labor Conference featuring, for the first time in the U.S. since the CIO retreated in cold war 1949, an executive delegation from the central office of the World Federation of Trade Unions Wftu Fsm Central. Roofers Local 36 is the first U.S. Labor Union since 1949 to affiliate to the WFTU, in a re-alignment of international labor solidarity. The WFTU currently represents 92 million Union members in 126 nations, and was founded in 1945 immediately as WW2 ended on the basis of workers' unity against fascism and war--
"We will present a full day of panels and presentations discussing International Working Class Unity, Class Oriented Struggle, Building a Workers' Party, Labor and Community Fights for Health Care, Immigration Rights, Housing, Ending Police Brutality.
"**Please respond with individual and organizational endorsements of this conference.**
"Following the 15th Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions, the WFTU turns page and traces a new, modern, fighting course. We develop the history of 65 years, we develop the weaknesses and hits of this course and we attempt to correspond to the current and future needs. We build the present and open our wings for the future. Our basic principles and values are found in the key-words : analysis, action, unity, struggle, democracy, solidarity, independence, co-ordination. Analysis of current reality and action for the demands of Working Class. Struggle for the worker’s rights. Unity of all workers towards monopolies and Imperialists. For peace and progress. Solidarity with the people suffering threats and attacks from USA and their allies. All peoples to have the right to self-determination. Right to education and training, to free health for all children of the working class without discriminations and class barriers. Equal rights for men and women. Criticism, self-criticism, collectiveness, democratic freedoms and trade-union rights. Transparent proceedings. Independence of International Organizations from the USA bondage. Independence of International Trade Union Organizations from the capital. Co-ordination of all militant Trade Unions, no matter what their differences are, in order to repulse capital’s attack against social security, full and stable work, privatizations, environmental pollution, quality of life. Confidence in the workers role for a world free from exploitation, wars, poverty, children’s prostitution and exploitation.


Speakers include:


WFTU World Working Youth Congress meets Italy

Richard Blake addressing World Working Youth Congress in Rome

From FightBack! News:[8]

"Rome, Italy - The third World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) World Working Youth Congress opened here, Nov. 2. Delegates from Italy, Vietnam, Brazil, Denmark, Mexico and many other countries exchanged experiences on organizing young workers to fight for their rights and building class-struggle trade unionism.

Among the speakers was a young Florida Teamster, Richard Blake, who was well received by the delegates.

Delegation of U.S. Trade Unionists Welcomed at WFTU Headquarters

WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos, Nada Naji Ali of the Bahrain ALBA Labor Union and WFTU United Nations Delegate Frank Goldsmith. (FightBack!News/Staff)

In November 2015, a delegation of trade unionists from the United States attended the 70th Anniversary of the World Federation of Trade Unions in Athens, Greece.

An article from FightBack! News in full:

"Athens, Greece - Founded in the struggle against fascism during World War II, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) continued the celebration of its 70th Anniversary by welcoming a delegation of trade union activists from the U.S. to its headquarters in Athens, Greece on Nov. 29. WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos told the Americans that the WFTU is oriented to the working class. He spoke of how at the last WFTU Congress, the 828 delegates representing 90 million workers debated and discussed ideas of how to move the class struggle forward in the interests of working people.
"This is where the unions that really want to fight the boss come," said AFSCME Local 3800 President Cherrene Horazuk. "The delegation here from the U.S. is eager to learn from our sisters and brothers fighting our common enemies in other parts of the world.”
"General Secretary Mavrikos marked the occasion by presenting awards to the artists who had won a contest to design the WFTU 70th anniversary poster. The winner was Walter Diaz Moreno of Cuba, but Mavrikos explained how the Canadian government had refused to allow Brother Moreno to change planes in Canada because the layover would last five minutes longer than the three hour maximum established by Canada at the behest of the U. S. government.
"Awards were also presented to artists from South Africa, Brazil, Bahrain and Greece. In accepting her award, Nada Naji Ali from Bahrain unfurled the banner of her labor union, ALBA, saying how proud she was of her union.
"It is an honor as an American trade unionist to be with a sister from a fighting labor organization in the Middle East," said WFTU Representative for the U.S., Frank Goldsmith, "I congratulate all the winners, but I especially congratulate the WFTU and all its affiliated unions on 70 years of class struggle unions.”
"In the coming days the delegation from the U.S. will meet with union leaders from Peru, Vietnam, Palestine, Cyprus and Greece. The delegation is also looking forward to observing and learning from the upcoming general strike against austerity planned by the Greek WFTU-affiliated union PAME (All Worked Militant Front) on Dec. 3."[9]

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