William Moses Summerville

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William Moses Summerville

Blue Revolution 2019

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Vanndearlyn Vong, Ben Hauck, Elaine Villanueva Bernal, Jerry Garcia, Daniellle Duryea, Nicole Rosen, Vincent Vo, Jeannine Pearce, Joshua De Leon, William Moses Summerville, Antonia Rios, Christopher Duvali, Alexa Victoriano, Lukas Walczak .

Standing for AD 73

In 2019 William Moses Summerville stood from AD 73 for the California Cemocratic Party Central Committee.

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I am seeking re-election as your 73rd Assembly District Delegate. I came to this role last term focused on bringing attention to important issues that needed to be addressed within the Democratic Party. Issues such as holding elected officials and political candidates accountable, pushing for fair rules and regulations, and being a liaison to the greater assembly district community for Democratic outreach were my top priorities.

In pursuit of this agenda, I held two town hall meetings, facilitated community discussions with four Democratic Clubs, and pushed for eight political candidates to give attention to issues often ignored in their respective races. I also represented the Democratic Party to outside grassroots groups such as the NAACP, Indivisible, Our Revolution, and the Poor People’s Campaign and spoke at multiple forums such those sponsored by the Orange County Young Democrats. I have worked hard, stayed, focused, and remained steadfast in working as your district delegate; however, there is still more to be accomplished.[1]

Campaigning for Katie and Harley

Bill Honigman August 29, 2018:


Great group today in support of Katie Porter CA45 and Harley Rouda CA48 to #FlipTheHouse for #MedicareForAll #Medicare4All #mfa #m4a and #HealthcareJustice — feeling motivated with William Moses Summerville and Octavia Tuohey in Aliso Viejo, California.