We've Carried The Rich For 240 Years! Let's Get Them Off Our Backs!

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We've Carried The Rich For 240 Years! Let's Get Them Off Our Backs! is the name of a new Facebook group for folk to exchange views and memories of the Revolutionary Union/Revolutionary Communist Party/Revolutionary Workers Headquarters lineage of the '70s New Communist Movement.

We are starting with a look back at the Bicentennial Protest in Philadelphia on July 1-4 in Philly.
This group is an offshoot of the Leibel Bergman Centennial group here on Facebook. A couple of times, postings and discussions there diverged from Leibel to broader topics relating to the political forces of which he was a leading member, the Revolutionary Union/Revolutionary Communist Party and the 1978 split from the RCP, the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters. The moderators did not particularly encourage this.
Well, digressers, here’s your chance. This group is for folks who were members of these groups or those who were “never actually in the RCP but I knew a lot of people who were.” Scholars, whether rigorous or casual, of the US left are also welcome.


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