Walden Workers Club

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Walden Workers Club is a collective of the Communist Party USA, working for an ecological society and a cooperative economy in central Massachusetts.

All working people, unemployed, under-employed, older adults, students, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA friends and allies are warmly welcome to participate with us.[1]

Walden Workers Club members

Walden Workers Club of the Communist Party USA.


Maggie McNeely, Donald Donato, center, Dylan Walker back right, Byron Savage, right.

China connection

Byron Savage January 6, 2019 ·

Walden Workers Club was greatly honored by a very special visitor New Years Eve. Professor Yu Weihai of the School of Politics and International Studies of the Central China Normal University. Professor Yu leads a center in China studying the political movement of the working class worldwide. It was great to spend some time with him and we look forward to having him here again before he returns home to Wuhan. -Walden Workers Club

With Donald Donato, Yu Weihai, Byron Savage, Maggie McNeely.

Secretary for Information

Walden Workers Club August 19 2019·


Congratulations to Comrade Dylan Walker of Longmeadow, MA, for having been elected both a delegate to the CPUSA Convention in June and appointed by acclamation as our club's 2nd Secretary for Information. In his new role, Dylan will be helping to administer our social media, publications, and special outreach to workers and scholars in China. Thank you, Dylan!