Tom Klammer

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Tom Klammer

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Tom Klammer of Kansas City, MO signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[1]

Anti-Nazi rally


Lucky Garcia posted on Facebook November 9, 2013. · ·

Hundreds of people came out today to tell the Nazis where they can shove their swastikas! Well done Kansas City! #NO2H8KC — with Kris Dingus, Kristin Chow, Luis Panclasta, Tom Klammer, Dylan Schwayne, Kim Sharitz, Kelli Holzer, Libby Holzer, Doug Greer, Jodie Beydler, Zach Thompson, Tom Crane, Kevin Malatesta, Jozef Hanratty, Pedro Miranda, Ilea Brown-Lauber, Brianna Dobbs, Tamara Severns, Wesley Brockman, Moarte Se Apropie, Amanda Gatten, Joz Martillo and Mike Nickells.