The Red Nation

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The Red Nation via Facebook

Template:TOCnestleft The Red Nation [1]

Anti-Trump Protests

The Red Nation participated in anti-Trump protests in May 2016 at the Albuquerque Convention Center, as evidenced by a Facebook invitation by Rodrigo Rodriguez.[2]

KIVA Club President and a member of The Red Nation, Demetrius Johnson was quoted as saying:

"KIVA Club and The Red Nation in the front lines standing up to the riot police protecting the convention center that housed Trump. Not because we are Bernie Sanders supporters. Not because we wanted a picture. Not because we're asking for trouble. Not because for the media attention. Not because we're 'just kids'. Not because 'don't you have better things to do'. Not because someone told us to do this. This is because we believe in our people. We believe in our purpose that our ancestors, relatives, and leaders before us have instilled into us. We, as indigenous peoples, are resilient and resistant. We do this because our past relations have stood up for us, and we shall do the same for those that will come after us. This is indigenous land, and we will always stand against someone speaking down on us, or our brothers and sisters of color. We wear our KIVA Club shirts with pride, in honor of Larry Casuse."[3]