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The Justice Caucus is Michigan's Democratic Progressive Caucus. It is affiliated with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.[1]



In 2000 Detroit DSA’s energy was directed at electing progressives to the State legislature. The local negotiated directly with these candidates to canvass for them if they agreed to support Living Wage Initiatives and Universal Health Care 2000, as well as to co-sponsor the Single Payer Health Insurance Bill. Also, DSAers got their agreement to help form a Progressive Caucus in the State Legislature. The caucus was named The Justice Caucus. The local worked continually on their campaigns and hosted a "highly successful fundraiser" for one of the candidates. [2]


The mission of The Justice Caucus is "to promote the cause of progressive democracy within the Democratic Party, in government and in the legal profession. Progressive democracy recognizes that all human endeavor, including the exercise of legal power, though continually changing, must guarantee social and economic justice, civil rights, integrity and fairness. The Justice Caucus seeks to promote these values by participating in the nomination and election of progressive people of integrity, fairness and competence for judicial and other public offices, and by encouraging the exercise of these values in our government and the legal profession."[3]

Justice 4 Michigan

Justice 4 Michigan is a project of The Justice Caucus. Information on the purpose of this project will be added to this section shortly.[4]

Officers and Directors

The following worked for the organization during the 2009 - 2011 term:[5]

At-Large Board Members:

District Directors:

(2 from each Congressional District)

1st District:

2nd District:

3rd District:

4th District:

5th District:

6th District:

7th District:

8th District:

9th District:

10th District:

11th District:

12th District:

13th District:

14th District:

15th District:


The following were endorsed by the organization in 2010:[6]

Spirit of Millie Jeffrey Award Dinner


The dinner was held on January, 13, 2008, to Benefit the Camp Millie Progressive Grassroots Training Organization. Keynote speaker was John Cherry, MCing the event was Amos Williams. Fran Brennan was involved with organizing the event.[9]

The 2008 Spirit of Millie Jeffrey Awards were given to:


The dinner was held on June 7, 2009.

The following received a Spirit of Millie Award:

The following also attended the event:


On March 21, 2010, the Caucus held their annual award and fundraising dinner in honor of the life of Millie Jeffrey. The dinner was held at the Courtyard by Marriott, 3205 Boardwalk Dr., Ann Arbor. The keynote speaker was Governor Madeleine M. Kunin (Vermont) and the MC for the night was Michael McGuinness, chair of the Oakland County Democratic Party.[17]

The following progressive activists were recognized with the Millie Jeffrey award, "reflecting their commitment and work for economic and social justice":

Also attending the event was Justice Caucus Board Member and former State Representative, Jack Minore.[18]


The following are events that have been hosted by the Caucus.

Kick Off Party for The Justice Caucus

On Nov. 7, 2009, the Caucus hosted a "Kick Off Party" to which friends and supporters were invited to join Camp Millie “campers”. Introductions were made by Jim Kruer, Joshua Brandt spoke on "Turning Michigan Blue", Paul Stevenson delivered the "Justice Caucus Kick Off" and Ryan Hersha, Battle Creek, along with some of his fellow campaigners spoke on their effort to turn local government in Battle Creek blue.[19]

Meeting at 2010 MDP Convention

from left: Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Paul Stevenson, Justice Diane Hathaway, Justice Alton Thomas Davis, Judge Denise Langford Morris at the 2010 MDP Convention

The Justice Caucus held a meeting at the 2010 Michigan Democratic Party Convention was held on August 28 - 29. At the meeting, the Caucus presented Governor Jennifer Granholm with the "Spirit of Millie Award" honoring her contribution to Michigan's judiciary via judicial appointments. Granholm also delivered a speech at the convention on the subject of "My vision of justice".[20]

Building a New Coalition

On Feb. 12, 2011, the Caucus held a meeting with the topic, “Building a New, Winning, Progressive Democratic Coalition in Michigan”. Speaking at the meeting were Lt. Governor John Cherry; Al Garrett, President AFSCME Council 25; Wendy Fields-Jacobs, Administrative Assistant to Bob King, International President, UAW; Attorney Mark Bernstein, Board Member, Michigan Association for Justice; and Jocelyn Benson, Wayne State Law Professor, 2010 Candidate for Secretary of State.[21]


The Justice Caucus website lists links to the following recommended organizations on their website:[22]

Facebook Group

The following are involved with the Caucus's Facebook group:[23]




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