The International Communist Seminar

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The International Communist Seminar is an annual conference held in Brussels on May 2-4. It has run from 1992 - 2006.[1]

Since 1992, the International Communist Seminar (ICS), organized every year in Brussels (Belgium), gathers parties and organizations which defend Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism and which oppose revisionism. About 150 organizations of Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe have taken part to its works. For 4 years, from 1992 to 1995, the ICS worked on identifying "the true causes of the capitalist restoration in Soviet Union" and in Eastern Europe and to draw from it lessons for the future.[1]


In 1998, the ICS, in association with the EPO has published a book entitled "The collapse of the Soviet Union: causes and lessons". The book contains among others, 12 contributions presented at the Seminar. One can read:[1]

"In the situation created by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the introduction of wild capitalism in this country and in Eastern Europe; the parties and organizations faithful to the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism draw the lessons of the counter-revolutionary processes which have destroyed the socialism in Soviet Union. Confronted to the offensive launched by the reactionaries, they feel the necessity to be united to launch a counter-offensive in favor of the exploited and oppressed masses and to give back to all the ones who fight capitalism and imperialism trust in the socialist future of humanity."

Themes of ICS Conferences

Themes of the recent ICS Conferences:[1]

  • 2006: Present and past experiences in the international communist movement: "The impact of the Communist International on the founding and the development of the communist parties in particular countries", "The exchange of concrete experiences of Party work in the working class and among the youth"
  • 2005: Internationalist experiences and tasks of Communists in the struggle against imperialism
  • 2004: The strategy and tactics of the struggle against global US imperialist war
  • 2003: The Marxist-Leninist Party and the anti-imperialist Front facing the war
  • 2002: Economical crises and the possibility of a major world crisis
  • 2001: The world socialist revolution in the conditions of imperialist globalization.
  • 2000: Imperialism, fascization and fascism
  • 1999: Imperialism means war
  • 1998: The working class, its leading role, new forms of exploitation and experiences of struggle and organization.
  • 1997: The way of the October revolution is the way of the liberation of the workers
  • 1996: The anti-imperialist struggle under the New World Order.



In 1997 the title of the conference was: The 80th anniversary of the October revolution[2]


The following topics were covered:[2]



In 1998 the topic of the conference was: The Working Class, its leading Role, new Forms of Exploitation and Experiences of Struggle and Organisation[3]


An introduction to the conference was made by Jean Pestieau, Workers' Party of Belgium.[3]


The following topics were covered:[3]

Exploitation and Struggles of the Russian Working Class today

The Composition of the Proletariat and the Working Class

The Intensification of the Exploitation of Labour, new Forms of Exploitation

Experiences of Trade union Struggles and political Struggles of the working Class

The leading Role of the Working Class in the national democratic Revolution

  • "The leading role of the working class in the national democratic revolution", Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) Liberation
  • "Leading role of the working class in the national democratic revolution", Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) Red Flag

Cuba. People's Democratic Republic of Korea. Albania. Greece.

  • "The Communist Party of Cuba, a view since its Fifth Congress", Partido Communista de Cuba
  • "On the Struggle of the Workers' Party of Korea against the Imperialists' Machinations of 'Globalisation' and for Defending Socialist Cause", Workers' Party of Korea
  • "PKSH, the genuine flag of the people", Hysni Milloshi, Communist Party of Albania, PKSH