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You can vote early TODAY! Election Day is March 6th!
You can vote early TODAY! Election Day is March 6th!
[[Sylvia Garcia]] with [[Ginny Goldman]].
===TOP PAC 2018 endorsements===
===TOP PAC 2018 endorsements===

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Sylvia Garcia

Sylvia R. Garcia is a Houston based politician.

Congressional Progressive Caucus

Shortly after the 2018 election Sylvia Garcia joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus.


Senator Sylvia Garcia is a native of Palito Blanco, a South Texas farming community. The eighth of ten children, Senator Garcia saw her parents struggle to raise her and her siblings. Senator Garcia's parents taught her that with hard work and a good education she could accomplish anything.

As a result of these lessons, Senator Garcia dedicated herself to success at school. She earned a scholarship to Texas Woman's University in Denton, where she graduated with a degree in social work and political science. Senator Garcia then received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston, working several jobs to pay for her tuition. Just as her parents believed in her future, Senator Garcia believes the children of Texas can do anything.

Senator Garcia has dedicated her life to her community and to public service. As a social worker and legal aid lawyer early in her professional career, she protected our community's most vulnerable, old and young, and ensured no one was forgotten.[1]

2014 Houston Communist Party report

From a 2014 Communist Party USA convention report by Communist Party of Houston chairman Bernard Sampson.

Comrades, I’d like to talk about the growth of the Houston club in the last year and a half , and the reason for that growth...
Next the political struggle here in Houston. We worked in the Sylvia Garcia campaign for state rep in which she won. Where now raising $4000 to attempt to run one of her own candidates in the next elections. We sent one of our members to a special political school for running campaigns, we hope this type of professional training will help us in the future and we plan to send more comrades to further classes. We are a political party and so there’s no doubt that running candidates and being involved in the actual political struggle is the most important area that we can be involved in.

PODER PAC President's Council

In 2014 the PODER PAC President's Council consisted of Mari Del Carmen Aponte, Juana Bordas, Ingrid Duran, Grace Garcia, Comm. Sylvia Garcia, Susan Gonzales, Choco Gonzalez Meza, Laura Hernandez, Cynthia Jasso Rotunno, Lydia Madrigal, Joelle Martinez, Regina Montoya, Rep. Grace Napolitano, Maria Teresa Petersen, Laura Pena, Catherine Pino, Julissa Reynoso, Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, Rep. Linda Sanchez, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, Rep. Hilda Solis, State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, Rep. Nydia Velazquez.

Houston Rising

HOUSTON November 15, 2017 – Today, more than a dozen community-based groups launched Houston Rising, a coalition fighting for equitable recovery from Hurricane Harvey. “We know that disasters like Harvey hit hardest for people of color, immigrants, and low-wage workers,” said Elsa Caballero, President of SEIU Texas and a founding member of the coalition. “That’s why Houston Rising is going to be so vital – we have to make sure that all Houstonians truly recover from this storm, and that the city is stronger and more equitable as a result of the billions of dollars that will be spent here.”

The coalition’s first public event will be a community hearing on equity in recovery, to be held this Saturday, November 18 at the Finnigan Park Community Center at 4900 Providence Street in Fifth Ward. Affected residents should arrive at 10:00am, with testimony before public officials to be held from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Mr. Marvin Odum, Mayor Turner’s recovery czar for the City of Houston, will be in attendance, in addition to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, State Senator Sylvia Garcia, along with other officials. The event will be the first in a series of community hearings that give directly affected residents a voice in the early stages of recovery.

“We remember the costs of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Allison, Ike and the Tax and Memorial Day floods,” said Tarsha Jackson, Criminal Justice Director of the Texas Organizing Project and a founding member of the coalition. “After the cameras go away, historically marginalized communities are often forgotten or pushed to the side. Houston Rising will be fighting to make sure that this time, people who are most affected by Harvey have a powerful voice in decisions about how billions in disaster recovery dollars are spent.”

With a mission around fighting for equitable recovery, the Houston Rising coalition will pursue two tracks: 1) organizing affected communities to build their power in disaster recovery decision-making processes; and 2) following the billions in disaster recovery dollars to make sure that it responds to the priorities of disproportionately affected communities.

“Many people in Houston are suffering more than two months after Harvey – living in mold, still staying with friends, or making do without a car. Workers are starting construction jobs without proper training and with wages that can’t sustain a family,” said Sasha Legette, Business Liaison for the Workers Defense Project and also a founding member.

Members of the coalition include: A.C.T.I.O.N CDC, Air Alliance, Black Lives Matter Houston, Coalition of Community Organizations, Faith in Texas, Fe y Justicia, FIEL, Gulf Coast AFL-CIO, NAACP Houston Branch, SEIU Texas, T.E.J.A.S., Texas Appleseed, TOP Education Fund, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, West Street Recovery, and Workers Defense Project.

The coalition is supported by its member organizations and the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund. Organizations interested in joining should contact Sarah Labowitz, interim director, at sarah@htxrising.org.[2]

Tribute to Frida Kahlo


Congressional endorsements

Texas Students United 2018 Congressional endorsements:

Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC

March 22nd, Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC (CPC PAC), the political arm of the 76-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, announced its endorsements in 4 races for the House of Representatives.

The CPC PAC is proud to announce its support for the talented candidates in the following races:

TOP connections

Sylvia Garcia is very close to the Texas Organizing Project.

Endorsing Wendy Davis

Texas Organizing Project June 21, 2014


TOP Pasadena member Rosario Martinez and State Sen. Sylvia Garcia pumping up the crowd before Wendy Davis takes the stage! #TOPendorsement #TOPvotes

"If you don't vote, you don't show your power!"

Texas Organizing Project August 16, 2014.


"If you don't vote, you don't show your power!" -State Senator Sylvia Garcia

Letter to Abbott

Texas Organizing Project June 4, 2015.

HAPPENING NOW: Sen. Sylvia Garcia receives a letter from TOP member Margarita Rivera to give to Texas' First Lady Cecilia Abbott asking her to talk to her husband about dropping his lawsuit against DAPA & DACA. Thank you Sen. Garcia for being a community champion! — with Sylvia R Garcia.

"Generous donation"

Texas Organizing Project, April 10, 2016.

Texas Sen. Sylvia R Garcia has always supported TOP and our fight to win immigration reform and immigrant rights. So it's not surprising that she made a generous donation to help us get to the US Supreme Court in DC to defend DAPA & expanded DACA.

Senate champion


Zermeno support

Crystal Zermeno, February 26, 2018.


Go out and VOTE for Sylvia Garcia for Congress. It's such an amazing opportunity to be able to elect a proven champion who will be willing to throw down in Washington. If you are in Congressional District 29 (Gene Green's old seat) PLEASE VOTE!!

You can vote early TODAY! Election Day is March 6th!

Sylvia Garcia with Ginny Goldman.

TOP PAC 2018 endorsements

Texas Organizing Project PAC, 2018 endorsements.[4]

Harris County:

Congratulations on Primary win


"Vote Sylvia for Congress"


Chief of Staff

Texas Democratic Congresswoman-elect Sylvia Garcia has named John Chapa Gorczynski as her Chief of Staff. The St. John’s College graduate has worked for García for three years, most recently as the outgoing Texas state Senator’s Chief of Staff.