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Suzy Subways

Template:TOCnestleft Suzy Subwayswas active in Student Liberation Action Movement. She is an Oral historian, coordinator of SLAM! Herstory Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Love and Rage

Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation helped build strong, radical groups like Anti-Racist Action and Student Liberation Action Movement, movements for queer liberation, reproductive freedom and more. Yet when activists disrupted the WTO in Seattle, LnR had been dead for a year and a half, leaving our mistakes to be repeated, our lessons forgotten. That's what spurred my comrade Roy San Filippo to put together a book of LnR's writings, A New World in Our Hearts (AK Press, 2003). Although 19 of the 20 pieces are by men-meaning vital insights from women are missing-the book revives valuable debates cut short by LnR's split in 1998.

Suzy Subways was solidly an anarchist. She'd worked three years with excellent, principled organizers of various communist and nationalist stripes for access to education at CUNY. She'd learned a lot from them about strategizing for revolution and building multi-racial, democratic participation while engaging in a reform struggle. Chris Day (New York LnR) wrote "The Historical Failure of Anarchism" after Marxists we worked with challenged him on anarchism's weaknesses. The feisty document put many Love and Ragers on the defensive but inspired others to study revolutionary history for ideas to move us beyond Bakunin.[1]

Fire by Night

Suzy Subways helped found the Fire by Night Organizing Committee, which grew out of the ashes of Love and Rage, then merged with Freedom Road Socialist Organization in 2000.[2]

Subways seems to have left before the merger;

I was a member of Fire by Night Organizing Committee for about a year. I left the group in the summer of 1999. About six months later, Fire by Night dissolved. Some of the former members in the Bay Area joined Freedom Road. I was in NYC from 1995 to 2004.

One of the main reasons I left Fire by Night is that I was still an anarchist, and the group was moving in another direction.
I also never joined the Freedom Road socialist organization. I do have friends in that group, and I have had wonderful experiences working with them, and I think it's a great organization. But I have never joined it, and I wouldn't, because I'm an anarchist.[3]

Remember Morales/Shakur Center


Suzy Subways October 20, 2013;

I went to City College of NY this morning with David Suker at 10:30 am to stop by the Morales/Shakur Center, a center of student and community movement-building for more than 20 years. We were signed in at the front desk and then followed by security who told us we'd be arrested if we didn't leave right away, because we asked what had happened to the sign! This is what we saw: Please share. Rodolfo Leyton, Sydney Jordan Cooley, Hank Williams, Khalil Vasquez, Brad Sigal, Angelica Clarke, Biola Jeje, Isham Lakatos, Christopher Gunderson — with Alyssia Paula, Eric Odell, Kazembe Balagun, Terance Podolski and Fanshen Wong.

LeftRoots compa

Suzy Subways October 22, 2015 ·


Like Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination, I am a compa (supporter) of LeftRoots, a new majority people of color, women, trans, and queer revolutionary, democratic, and non-sectarian organization that draws from multiple revolutionary political traditions in an attempt to reinvigorate a radical and relevant Left and attempt to build a socialism from below for the 21st Century. (Thank you Josh Warren-White, I stole some of that wording from your post!). LeftRoots takes no foundation money—it's fully funded by member dues and donations from supporters. Check out the LeftRoots Points of Unity here: