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Stu Becker is a member of Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas.

Labor Working Grouprun

In 2019 Stu Becker ran for Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas Labor Working Group Lead.

I joined DSA in March 2019. I joined in my efforts to create socialist revolution in the US. I have gone to a lot of Ecosocialist working group meetings and general meetings.
I’ve been a lead organizer for Alliance-AFT organizing against the TEI teacher evaluation system. I have organized meetings of teachers on my campus. I have helped organize other meetings of a cadre of dallas ISD teachers. Our cadre created a protest and rally outside of the school board meeting in September. I traveled to Houston for the state AFT convention. I am a part of the state AFT organizing committee. I am a delegate to the central labor council in Dallas representing Alliance-AFT. My goal for organizing teachers is to convince teachers that we need to fight against capitalism and fight for socialism.[1]