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Shaun Scott, is a Seattle writer who grew up in public housing in New York City. He is a member of Seattle Democratic Socialists of America. He is the Washington State Field Director for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020.

Bernie Sanders Staff

"This past week, the The Seattle Times ran an article announcing that the Bernie Sanders campaign had hired former Seattle City Council candidate Shaun Scott as their Washington State Field Director. The article links to, but does not discuss, Scott’s positions on Seattle’s issues. To say that Scott is an extreme socialist would be an understatement. Scott has been very vocal about taxing everyone from businesses to people who drive to work everyday, opening heroin injection sites in Seattle, and eliminating the Police Department among other proposals. He ran on a slate with other socialist candidates Kshama Sawant and Tammy Morales."


Shaun Scott has a history of hatred of the Jewish state and alliances with anti-Semitic organizations. In his endorsement questionnaire for the Seattle Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Scott was asked, “Do you support the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions, (BDS) Movement?” One could ask why this question is on an endorsement for Seattle City Council which has no control over foreign policy, but I believe it goes to the heart of the ideology of the DSA.


"Scott answered the DSA question by saying that he “Wholly and unequivocally” supports the BDS movement and added a well-known anti-Semitic trope: “BDS is the least we can do to support the Palestinian people currently suffering under the apartheid state of Israel.” More concerning is that Scott, even with his public comments, was still endorsed by mainstream Democrat organizations.[1]

John Grant campaign

Shaun Scott is a field organizer for Seattle City Council candidate Jon Grant, a Democratic Socialists of America member who's running on the promise of creating more city-owned housing.[2]

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Shaun Scott was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

Working for Jayapal

In June 2018 Shaun Scott was a columnist for City Arts Magazine, a field organizer for Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s re-election campaign, and an organizer for Seattle Democratic Socialists of America. He is the author of the book “Millennials and the Moments That Made Us: A Cultural History of the U.S. from 1982-Present” (Zero Books, 2018).[3]