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Seed the Vote is a project of the Everyday People PAC.

The Plan

THE PLAN: Hundreds of Bay Area activists will travel to Arizona from October 10 – October 25, 2020. Working closely with local grassroots groups that organize in their communities year-round, we’ll knock on thousands of doors to help defeat Trump. Then we’ll bring skills and commitment back to our local movements to continue fighting for our communities. This crucial early voting time is when the majority of votes will be cast, and it can make or break the election. We will help coordinate travel, lodging and fundraising for the trip.

WHY 2 WEEKS: To make a real impact in 2020, it’s time to think big. We know from past elections that two weeks is the threshold for volunteers to get integrated into a local team, take on leadership and have meaningful conversations with many voters. We also know that 2016 was really close, 2020 is likely to be close again, and bringing 100 volunteers to knock on 130,000 doors together over 2 weeks will make a real difference. Signing up means committing to clearing your calendar and taking off work. It is a serious commitment because this is seriously urgent work. Our two weeks together can have ripple effects: we’ll help defeat Trump, deal a major blow to Trumpism, and shift the conditions for our local organizing back home.

WHY WORK WITH GRASSROOTS GROUPS: We want to both defeat Trump and build our movements for the long-haul. We will knock on doors with local groups who organize with working class communities of color year-round because they know the best strategies to win in their communities, and they will still be there continuing to build local political power after the election is over.

WHY NOW: It will take time to prepare for this trip – from fundraising to travel logistics to coordinating with partner groups on the ground in battleground states. Sign up now and talk to your friends about joining you!

WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO: By signing up you are committing to clearing your schedule to join us for 2 weeks in October 2020. You are also committing to helping fundraise for your trip (we will help you!), and to attending at least 1 prep meeting in Summer 2020 before we leave.[1]
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