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Sean Duffy

Slate and Revolution

A slate of candidates for the 2021 DSA National Convention from Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

Deanna Satin, Dmitri McDonald, Emily Mikhail, Margo Gislain, Sarah Hurd, Sean Duffy, Sky Patterson.

We are revolutionary Marxists who believe that the impending threat of climate change will necessitate the complete overthrow of the existing social order in order to usher in a socialist mode of production. To make this possible we must organize to build structures and a mass movement ready for that challenge.

We understand Marxism as the application of a materialist analysis rather than a static set of rules, and as a tool for understanding and organizing the world around us.[1]

Statement on Anti Blackness in the DSA

Statement on Anti Blackness in the DSA was released in February 2021:

We as the AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus stand in solidarity with the Black woman in DSA North Texas who was wrongfully suspended by DSA North Texas Co-chairs. This action by the DSA North Texas Co-chairs is racist and in particular anti-Black. This is not an isolated incident of racism but represents a pattern of anti-black and white supremacist actions within DSA which must be acknowledged, held accountable and systematically rooted out. There is a pattern of anti-black behavior that stems from the founding of DSA North Texas that has led to each generation of Co-chairs either perpetuating or being complicit in anti-black racism.

Signatories included Sean Duffy Chicago Democratic Socialists of America .[2]

DSA Socialist Feminists Call on Joe Biden to Drop Out

DSA Socialist Feminists Call on Joe Biden to Drop Out was a May 2020 letter to Joe Biden.

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stands accused of sexual assault. Members of the Democratic Socialists of America demand that he leave the race.

As socialists, we believe that the lessons of the #MeToo movement must not be forgotten. This movement challenged rape culture and upended myths about sexual violence and the credibility of survivors. For a short period, these issues were even embraced by many liberal politicians and commentators, as evidenced by the widespread support for Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford when she bravely spoke out about incumbent Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. #MeToo made previously tolerated behavior intolerable, and powerful men in numerous industries faced consequences for their misconduct....

We, the undersigned, call on Joe Biden to leave the race. We also call on elected officials endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of the Ozarks to rescind any endorsements of Joe Biden.

Signatories included Sean Duffy Northside Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

Red Star Bulletin

The Red Star Bulletin was conceived by Ramsin Canon and is a project of the Political Education & Policy Committee of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America. Issue 5, September 2019 was drafted by CDSA members. Special contributions were made by Rebecca Burns, Sean Duffy, Tina Groeger, Geoff Guy, Nick Hussong, Ethan Jantz, Anna Kochakian, Leonard Pierce and Sveta Stoytcheva. Graphics were contributed by Patrick O’Connell. [3]

Chicago DSA Closed Facebook group

This is the official Facebook group for Chicago DSA and its branches (South Side, Northside, and Oak Park)

Members of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of October 15, 2017 included Sean Duffy .[4]

Resistance Culture: A Chicago DSA Working Group

Members of Resistance Culture: A Chicago Democratic Socialists of America Working Group, a Public Facebook Group, accessed February 10, 2018 included Sean Duffy.

This page is intended as an ad-hoc start to a proposed working group based around the exploration of arts, culture and radical social change among Chicago members of Democratic Socialists of America. [5]