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Robert (Bobby) M. Nelson

Socialist Community School

In 1979, Robert Nelson was a teacher at the Socialist Community School.[1]

New American Movement 10th convention

In 1981 Bobby Nelson led a workshop entitled Nuclear War in your Home Town at the 10th Convention of the New American Movement. The convention was held in a union headquarters in Chicago and ran from July 29 - August 2, 1981.[2]

Tribute to Ben Dobbs

On Sunday, June 7, 1981, the Los Angeles Chapter of the New American Movement sponsored a Tribute to Ben Dobbs for "His lifelong commitment to socialism". The event was held at the Miramar-Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, California. Sponsors of the event included Robert Nelson.[3]

Los Angeles DSA member

Circa late 1980s Los Angeles DSA brochure

Peace activist Robert M. Nelson, has been a member of Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America.

Los Angeles DSA meeting

On April 8, 1988 Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America convened a meeting at the Workmen's Circle West Los Angeles "Action for Jackson, where does he stand? Where will it lead? - A political analysis of the Jesse Jackson for President campaign, with its possibilities, perils, and promise for the Left."




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