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[[File:Micah-Rabalais (1).png|thumb|170px|Micah Rabalais]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a North [[Texas]] activist.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a North [[Texas]] activist.

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Micah Rabalais

Micah Rabalais is a North Texas activist.

Co-chair run

In 2019 Micah Rabalais ran for Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas co-chair.

I’m currently one of the leaders of healthcare working group, leader of the marshaling team, and involved in the Bernie working group. Outside of DSA, I’m on my city council’s 2021 Bond advisory committee and help do volunteer data gathering and graphic design for our city’s affordable housing initiative.
I joined in early 2018 after being involved with the healthcare working group for a few months. My original interest was in fighting for Medicare for All. I became leader of the healthcare working group, then became leader of the marshaling team and am helping in the Bernie group and want to get involved in the housing group.
The Trump rally on the 17th really hammered home the fight we have ahead and how we need to give everything we can to push back against hate and capitalism. The challenge ahead of us is enormous, and we need to all be steadfast in our efforts to stand against it.[1]

DSA comrades at Women's March


Heather Allen with Radiance Bean and Micah Rabalais.