Mary Le Nguyen

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Mary Le Nguyen is executive director of Washington Community Action Network.


As a first-generation Vietnamese refugee from a logging town in Washington, Mary fought to lift the voices of the most marginalized. She organized grocery store and child care workers to improve working conditions and the Asian Pacific Islander community to further reproductive justice, organizing in the labor movement and reproductive justice movement for over a decade. She serves on the board of People's Action and is a steering committee member of Front and Centered, a coalition of 60+ people-of-color-led organizations fighting for climate justice. She has a Masters of Arts in policy studies from the University of Washington. She is the first Executive Director of color at Washington CAN.[1]

National Leading From the Inside Out Alum

Mary Le Nguyen, Executive Director, Georgia Womens Action for New Directions was a 2017 Rockwood Leadership Institute National Leading From the Inside Out Alum.[2]