Martin Weissgerber

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Martin Weissgerber

Martin Weissgerber is the Charleston, South Carolina Field Organizer for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020.

His father "is a Belgian Marxist Who Participated in the May 1968 Civil Unrest in Paris, France." His mother works for WBUR.[1] He has said that he was "raised never to call the cops."[2]

Advocates violent communist revolution

Martin Weissgerber, South Carolina Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign was exposed for having violent communist ideology by Project Veritas in a video released January 21 2020.[3] This follows a similar expose on Kyle Jurek from Project Veritas.

Some of the statements made:

  • “Leave it to the Soviets to Make the Most Badass F***ing, Most Effective Gun in the World…AK (47)…The Destroyer of Imperialism and Colonization…That’s Why I Want to Get it (AK-47) Tattooed on Me.”
  • “I’ll Straight Up Get Armed, I Want to Learn How to Shoot, and Go Train. I’m Ready for the F***ing Revolution…I’m Telling You. Guillotine the Rich.”
  • “Let’s Force Them (Billionaires) to Build Roads…Rebuild Our Roads, Rebuild Our Dams, Rebuild Our Bridges. Let’s Force Them…”
  • “What Will Help is When We Send All the Republicans to the Re-Education Camps.”
  • “So, do We Just Cease – do We Just Dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the Judicial Branch, and Have Something Bernie Sanders and a Cabinet of People, Make All Decisions for the Climate? I Mean, I’m Serious.”
  • “The Soviet Union Was Not Horrible…I Mean, for Women’s Rights the Soviet Union – I Think – the Most Progressive Place to Date in the World.”
  • Weissgerber Reveals That His Father is a Belgian Marxist Who Participated in the May 1968 Civil Unrest in Paris, France.
  • Weissgerber Says That His Mother is “Really Left as Well, but She Can’t Make Her Views Known Because She Works for WBUR, which is NPR…”

Scrubbed Social Media

In the wake of the Project Veritas report, Martin Weissgerber deleted his Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. See screenshots indicating that he was an open communist (Twitter) working for Bernie Sanders (Facebook).

Martin Weissgerber's Twitter Screenshot
Martin Weissgerber's Facebook Screenshot (Link was