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Mark Brenner... works at Labor Notes.


"Revolution In the Air"

November 13th, Community Church of Boston "Revolution In the Air: Lessons from the 1960s-80s Wave of Activism".

In 1968, at the height of the war in Vietnam, the New York Times reported that nearly 3 million Americans thought a revolution was needed in this country, and polls showed that more college students identified with Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara than with any U.S. Presidential candidate that year.
Please join area activists from different generations as we explore the lessons from the 1960s to the 1980s and their meaning for today. We urge you to come and be part of the conversation.

For more information, contact Mark Brenner - or Elly Leary.

Sponsored by: Solidarity, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.[1]

Lui Cheng 2007 American tour

The American Center for International Labor Solidarity and the National Labor College recently hosted Professor Liu Cheng for Shanghai Normal University to discuss the evolution of the new draft contract labor law in China. Cheng’s visit to the NLC on March 27th was the culmination of a multi-state tour meeting with union leaders and members of Congress.

For the report by Global Labor Strategies analyzing the impact of transnational corporations on the first draft of the Contract Law go to: UNDUE INFLUENCE: Corporation Gain Ground in Battle Over Chinas New Labor Law

Liu Cheng's tour included nearly 45 events over 17 days, in the Bay Area, Boston, Amherst, New York and Washington DC. A partial list of the many sponsoring organizations, and their key contact, includes:

Labor Notes, Mark Brenner.

Left Forum 2008

US Manufacturing: Restructuring Or Disappearing?: The hollowing out of American manufacturing is an article of faith in much left analysis, but the truth is more complex and this has important organizing, bargaining, and political implications

  • Mark Brenner, Labor Notes, “Overview of job loss and restructuring in US manufacturing”
  • Nicole Aschoff, Sociology, John Hopkins University, "New data on the net flow of jobs out of and into the US auto industry”
  • Stanley Aronowitz, Graduate Center, CUNY, long-time labor activist, “The shift to high tech manufacturing and the implications for organizing”
  • Moderator: Sam Gindin, York University, former Assistant to the President of CAW, Socialist Register

Center for Labor Renewal

In 2009 Mark Brenner was listed as an endorser of the Center for Labor Renewal[2].

Labor Notes

In 2009 Mark Brenner, Labor Notes, Director, New York was a member of the Labor Notes policy committee[3].

South Sound Democratic Socialists of America

South Sound Democratic Socialists of America April 28, 2018.


With Mark Brenner, Riley Woodward-Pratt, Nyef Mohamed and Robert Allen Cole.