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Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) was caught addressing the  Connecticut Communist Party's annual awards Amistad  Awards dinner on  December 12 2021. He claimed he didn't know it was a Communist  event. 


Yet Senator Blumenthal has been close to the Communist Party USA in Connecticut for at least a decade.


Senator Blumenthal has worked with the communist controlled Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) since at least 2011.

Here he is with CARA  and Connecticut Communist Party member Win Heimer in the CARA T shirt.


Here he is again with comrade Heimer.


And again.

Senator Blumenthal has backed multiple communist causes in Connecticut, including the 2017   endorsement  of Connecticut Communist Party supporter Toni Harp for Mayor of New Haven.

Here's Mayor Harp at the 2012 Amistad Awards.

(See more|Richard Blumenthal...)

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