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[[File:Greglucnnnero.PNG|thumb|160px| Gregory Lucero]]
[[File:Greglucnnnero.PNG|thumb|160px| Gregory Lucero]]

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Welcome to KeyWiki
Unlocking the covert side of U.S. and Global politics.
KeyWiki has 131,467 articles and counting.

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Gregory Lucero

Gregory Lucero is a Salt Lake City Utah activist.

Help keep Keywiki FREE and Fighting for you!!!.

This week Keywiki, the world’s largest public database of subversive politicians, activists, communists, agitators and out and out traitors celebrates its 10th anniversary. A decade ago editor Trevor Loudon created the first Keywiki page, an entry on an obscure Chicago socialist named Lou Pardo.

Since then Keywiki has grown to become an internet phenomenon. At more than 120,000 files, Keywiki has become the go-to source for activists, patriots, journalists and historians trying to uncover the massive Marxist penetration of American politics and culture.

If you want to know the Marxist background of previous US presidents, you can visit the Barack Obama or Bill Clinton files.

If you want to know the radical bona fides of those we need to stop from becoming president, visit the Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden pages.

Let’s help Keywiki become even more effective over the next decade and beyond. We have several ideas to make Keywiki even more valuable to the cause of liberty but we need your help. We want to raise $15,000 over the next month, to put Keywiki on a more secure financial footing. We want to re-design the Keywiki Mainpage for a more professional look. We want to add features to make Keywiki more “user-friendly”. We want to organize a group of researchers to help post tens of thousands of pages of unprocessed information.

How you can help

If just a small proportion of regular Keywiki users donated just $10 today, we would easily meet our target in a few hours. Larger donations of course are enthusiastically encouraged!

Please go HERE right now to make a one-time or recurring donation to Keywiki.

If 200 Keywiki users committed to a regular payment of just $5 a month Keywiki’s financial future would be assured and we would be able to expand both our content and the range of services offered.

If you’d like to grant Keywiki even more substantial support or if you want to become a Keywiki researcher, please contact editor Trevor Loudon at trevor.newzeal@gmail.com.

(Gregory Lucero|more...)

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