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Mai Do is a Research & Policy Associate at Courage Campaign. Editor-in-Chief at Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer. In a relationship with Silas Sadia.


Standing for AD 38

In 2019 Mai Do stood from AD 38 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

As a queer, first-generation Vietnamese American daughter of refugees and a resident born and raised in the 38th Assembly District, I’m committed to ensuring that our state Democratic Party remains at the forefront of the fight for an equitable Californian experience. With my experience as Courage Campaign’s first Political Fellow and now Research and Policy Associate and my history of organizing within the Asian American community, I understand both the underestimated pragmatism and the untapped power of progressive policy to not only propel Democratic campaigns to victory across the state, but also to tangibly change the lives of everyday people.[1]

#youthvote team

Logan Smith June 5, 2018 ·

Proud to be part of the best #youthvote team in the country! We’re doing our part to get out the vote. Are you?


GO VOTE! — with Andrea Guzman, Morgan Mitchell, Mai Nguyen Do, Jarrod L. Brown Jr., Caty Wagner, Myra Miranda and Jason Serang.