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Loraine Reitman of San Diego woman is leading the nationwide effort in support of the soldier accused of being behind the WikiLeaks revelations.

For Loraine Reitman, if Manning is in fact the man behind the leaked information, she said, "I think he's a hero and we should all recognize that."

Military leaders believe Manning, who is facing a court-martial and a sentence of more than 50 years, is the source of 77,000 classified Afghan war reports posted on the WikiLeaks website.

"I think we are starting to understand the war in a way we never understood before," said Reitman, a writer with a local nonprofit.

She said the video compelled her to join and become a leader in the Bradley Manning Support Network. So far, the group has raised $50,000 from more than 700 donors for Manning's defense.

"If there's information that leads to troops being harmed, doesn't that fit the definition of being a traitor?" asked 10News' Michael Chen.

Reitman replied, "I believe the information is old and not sensitive. I think he was standing up to injustice within his own system."

"If we don't know what's going on in Afghanistan, how can we possibly make decisions about whether or not we should be there? I believe I am a patriot. I'm standing up for the best interest of America," said Reitman.[1]

Bradley Manning Support Network

Bradley Manning Support Network Steering Committee members, as of January 2012;[2]



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