Larry Keating

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Larry Keating

Atlanta DSA member

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America) Socialist Education Circle (SEC) meet in December 2009 to discuss the book "Atlanta: Race, Class and Urban Expansion" by Larry Keating. Keating addressed the group along with fellow chapter member Anita Beaty, executive director of the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless.

Keating talked about how decisions in the Metro area are made by business leaders and passed on to the political leadership as accomplished facts. The placement of the downtown expressway, urban redevelopment downtown, MARTA routing and expansion, and Olympic Era planning all followed this pattern. Several established black working class neighborhoods were split up by roadways and displaced by “redevelopment” building such as the Braves baseball stadium. They followed a pattern of taking public monies to fund projects that benefit private business interests over a more widespread public good. [1]