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Kenneth Mejia is a Berniecrat, a term used for those democrats (generally) running for office who have expressed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[1]


Beutner protest

Kenneth Mejia January 20 2019:

Austin Beutner!

You can't hide, we can see your greedy side in bougie rich Pacific Palisades! We'll bring the hoods to you! ✊🏽🔥

Union Members, Housing/Homeless Activists, Green Party Members, Progressive Dems gave a SURPRISE visit to Los Angeles Superintendent's (Austin Beutner's) $14.8 MILLION MANSION. Beutner is on a mission to defund LA Public Schools! 🔥✊🏽


That's his big ass mansion behind us. LA teachers can barely afford to live in their homes, they teach large class sizes, & they're under the constant threat of privatization by private & charter schools! — with Dori Sharp, Juan Verden, Cesar Go, Liz Solis, Mel Tillekeratne, Byron Cortez, Helga Rodriguez, Amy J. Smith and Maria Estrada.

2018 Green Party Congressional candidates


James K. Young February 27, 2018 ·

Support those that will support & work for you, not SuperPACs, Corporations, the 1%, Giant lobbying bodies such as the MIC, etc! — with Roshan Akula, Eric Allen, Ray Parrish, Lewis Elbinger, Angelica Duenas Democrat for Congress - CA29 East SFV, Elect Marv Sandnes, 2018 - US House, OR, Pacific Green Party of Oregon, Kenneth Mejia, Phil Roe for Congress, Zachary Benjamin Burd, Chris Richardson, Randall Auxier, Diane Moxley, Henry Gaff, Lynn S. Kahn, Miguel Zuniga, Lino Stracuzzi, Haryaksha Gregor Knauer, Daniel Clark, Richard Gomez, Adam Hickey, Jimmy Cooper For Congress and Joe Manchik for Congress.