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'''Joseph (Jazz) Hayden'''
'''Joseph (Jazz) Hayden''' was a major organizer at [[Attica]] prison, for attempted murder of two policeman.
==March on Wall Street==
==March on Wall Street==

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Joseph (Jazz) Hayden was a major organizer at Attica prison, for attempted murder of two policeman.

March on Wall Street

On April 3 2008 Joseph Hayden of UFP & J, Picayune, MS endorsed a Bail Out the People Movement organized "March on Wall Street" ;

Because we must demand that the needs of the people come before the greed of the super rich. Millions are jobless and homeless, and millions more will be living on the streets if the government continues to waste trillions of dollars on saving wealthy bankers instead of saving people.[1]

"A New Vision for Black Freedom"

4/29/12 Resistance & State Repression Plenary in the South Hall at The Riverside Church, New York City, NY

A New Vision for Black Freedom: The Manning Marable Memorial Conference-Reinvigorating Social Theory-Redefining Political Struggle