Jorge Cuellar

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Jorge Cuellar

Jorge Cuellar is in a "tenure-track Faculty Fellow position in Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies"[1] at Dartmouth.[2]


From his bio at Dartmouth:

Jorge E. Cuéllar is an interdisciplinary social theorist and cultural historian of the transnational Americas, whose research focuses on contemporary daily life in his native Central America. He is currently preparing a book manuscript that traces the practices of peoplehood, community formation, and everyday resilience-making amongst marginalized groups in El Salvador since the end of the Salvadoran Civil War. He is currently appointed Mellon Faculty Fellow in Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies where he will transition to Assistant Professor in 2021.

Praised Willem Van Spronsen: 'direct action is an important instrument'

Jorge Cuellar praises Willem Van Spronsen

Jorge Cuellar praised Willem Van Spronsen, who attempted to "set a fire with incendiary devices during an attack at an ICE detention center in July 2019... [he] was armed with a rifle and threw 'lit objects' at buildings and vehicles in the parking lot..."[3] at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington on July 13, 2019. He died during a shootout with police.[4]

On Twitter July 13 2019, Jorge Cuellar said:[5]

"This is an act of great courage. It takes a lot of conviction and valor to act against ICE-run concentration camps this directly. QEPD [Rest in Peace] Willem Van Spronsen"
"The man who attacked the detention center was trying to destroy it. The powerful symbolism shows what it will take to actually “abolish” and “dismantle” the prison-industrial complex. He is a friend of immigrants and has defended people from cop aggression at rallies prior."
"This is John Brown level stuff. We mustn’t forget that direct action is an important instrument in the activist and revolutionary toolkit. The behemoth of carceral dehumanization must be confronted with a variety of frontal tactics if abolition is to truly take place.