Jolanda Jones

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Jolanda Jones

Healthcare rally

In July 2009, a spirited rally was held recently at the Harris County AFL-CIO headquarters in Houston to support health care reform. The effort was called by Organizing for America which is the successor to Obama for America.

Participants were treated to rousing speeches from local elected officials who support health care reform, including U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, Carol Alvarado, Texas State Senator, U.S. Rep. Al Green, and Jolanda Jones, Houston City Councilperson.

Jolanda Jones, a progressive Houston City Councilperson, spoke in favor of health care reform as well. She called for “health care for all workers.” She said a public option will make small businesses more competitive. The legislator summed it up by saying “elected officials listen to two things – people with money and people who are organized” and then challenged the audience by declaring, “You know what we have to do.” [1]