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John Michael Colon is a New York City activist.


In 2016 John Michael Colon was a member of New York City Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

Vote NO on Nixon/Williams

OP-ED: Vote NO on Nixon/Williams was circulated to New York Democratic Socialists of America members in July 2018.

We ask that you vote “no” on endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Williams. If you agree with the case we’ve laid out here, please consider signing on to this letter at

Signatories included John Michael Colon.

NJ DSA gathering


Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, March 31, 2016 near Princeton, NJ ·

A yuuuuuuuge THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and invited their friends. And thank you, Joe for coming from Philly to talk to us! — with Mike Tombolini, Sara Ali, Ben Burgis, John Michael Colon, Russell David, Martin Oppenheimer, Marie Sanquer, Craig Garcia, Joseph M. Schwartz, Sean F. Monahan and Benjamin Loth.


Full house! And still more people coming in — with Dekeima Shockery, Elias Kleinbock, Robin Beck.

DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus

According to John Michael Colon, a member of the group's provisional organizing committee, The DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus promotes a vision of "libertarian socialism" -- a traditional name for anarchism -- that goes beyond the confines of traditional social democratic politics.

John Michael Colon: I've been a member of DSA for over a year; some of us involved have been members before the "Bernie and Trump bump." So it's not a matter of anarchists infiltrating and joining DSA ... but anarchists who have been members of DSA all along. We want to organize them as we believe that libertarian socialism is democratic socialism.

Green Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America, Green Socialist Caucus members, as of June 28 2017, included John Michael Colon.[2]

YDS of Princeton Closed FB Group

Members of the Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton Closed Facebook Group, accessed September 3, 2017 included John Michael Colon.[3]

DSA-LSC Discussion & Debate Facebook group


DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus Discussion & Debate Facebook Closed Facebook Group, as of August 21, 2017;[4]


Creative Comrades (NYC-DSA Media)

Members of Creative Comrades (New York City Democratic Socialists of America ) Closed Facebook Group, as of September 1, 2017 included John Michael Colon..[5]

DSA for Animal Liberation Facebook group

Members of the DSA for Animal Liberation closed Facebook group, accessed January 30, 2018 included John Michael Colon.[6]

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of April, 27 2018 included John Michael Colon.[7]

Toward Radical Democracy

Toward Radical Democracy was a 2018 "Proposal for Internal Voting Reform in Boston DSA".

If you would like to sign on in support of this proposal, please click here. To date, over 100 members of Boston DSA have endorsed it. We also welcome support from DSA comrades in other chapters.

Signatories also included non Boston comrades such as John Michael Colon.