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John Meyerson

Communist Party USA

On June 1, 1975, John Meyerson was elected as a member of the District Committee of the Pennsylvania Communist Party at the Party's District Convention.[1]

Supporting Tonyelle

Feb. 3, 2016, Tonyelle Cook-Artis, 50th Ward powerhouse who is running for 200th Legislative Dist., packed first funder at Alma Mater in Mt. Airy with strong support. From left, Councilman Allan Domb, David Hyman, Ward Leader Pete Lyde, State Reps. Dwight Evans and Stephen Kinsey, Numa St. Louis, former Councilwoman Marian Tasco, Ken Weinstein, Cook-Artis, Councilman Derek Green, Ward Leader Isabella Fitzgerald, UFCW Local 1776 reps John Meyerson and Adam Gold, William Ewing, Esq., Dan Muroff, Councilwoman Cherelle Parker, Ward Leader Rondal Cousar and Mustafa Rashed.[2]


March 1, 2017 - Among protestors photographed together were, L-R, nonprofit planner Rhonda Kutzik, Leslie Meyerson, Congressman Dwight Evans and labor political strategist John Meyerson.[3]

CVS protest

According to Myke Simonian, writing in the the Peoples World, on MLK Day 2018, in front of the CVS pharmacy in Mount Airy. Led by Unitarian Society of Germantown Pastor Kent Matthies, a rallywas held, part of a statewide effort to push CVS to live up to its so-called ‘social commitment’ policy. Speakers included John Meyerson, UFCW 1776 and chair of Raise the Wage Pennsylvania, progressive Democratic State Senator Art Haywood, Rabbi Josh Bolton, and Rev. Matties.

Haywood kicked off the rally, pointing out that in 1964 Dr. King advocated for a $2-an-hour minimum wage. Had that wage kept pace with inflation, he said, it would today be much higher than even the $15 demanded by minimum wage advocates. Haywood also pointed out that CVS will receive $1.5 billion from Trump’s corporate tax cut. “They need to share that with their employees,” he stated. “CVS likes to talk about ‘promoting community health’. Well, $15 per hour is as important to a family’s health as vaccines are. You cannot adequately feed and house a family on $7.25 an hour!”

Meyerson pointed out that this particular CVS is his ‘neighborhood’ store: “I live just around the corner,” he said, “and I see these folks every day. They are courteous, they work hard, and they deserve better.” Regarding Raise the Wage PA’s efforts, Meyerson stated, “It is time we eliminate the Pre-emption Clause that prevents Philadelphia and Pittsburgh from raising our own minimum wage. Pennsylvania has one of the lowest minimum wages in the U.S. ”

Rabbi Bolton centered his comments on the duty to “not remain indifferent to the suffering of others.” Following the Jewish precept to ‘heal a broken world,’ he enjoined CVS to place the welfare of its employees over its corporate ‘bottom line’.

Reverend Matthies closed out the rally with a simple observation: “Paying poverty wages is not promoting health.” He continued: “Prior to this rally, we met with CVS’ leadership and they complained—why us? Everybody out there is doing this. Why target us?!” Matthies smiled as he told the next part of the story, “Well, we said, you know how sometimes the police sit on the side of the road and people are whizzing by, 15, 17, 20 miles over the speed limit? At some point, they gotta pull someone over. They have to start somewhere. And so do we. So today, we’re giving you the ticket for your lack of a moral conscience.”[4]


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