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John G. Hovan is a life long communist and a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Fought in Spain

According to the Communist Party USA paper [1]Peoples Weekly World;

Hovan went to Spain at age 21 in 1937 with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a group of Americans who volunteered to fight alongside the Spanish people and other international volunteers defending democracy against fascist forces headed by General Francisco Franco.

Communist Party MLK tribute

On January 19, 2002, the Communist Party USA newspaper, peoples Weekly World published a signed tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr..

We salute Dr. King’s courage and vision. He saw and struggled for an America and world that can be. We pledge in his memory to work to reorder our nation’s priorities “so that the pursuit of peace will take precedence over the pursuit of war.”

Signatories included, John G. Hovan . Almost all signatories were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA[2].

Communist Party activist

Hovan is;

A lifelong Communist, Hovan served in the Navy in World War II and then worked in Rhode Island’s textile mills, where he was a union activist and leader. During the McCarthy period he lost his job, with local newspaper stories labeling him “John Hovan, Communist.”