Jim Byrne

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Jim Byrne

Jim Byrne is a Tucson, Arizona activist.


In 2013, Comrades Jafe Arnoldski, John Mackoviak, Analise Spencer, Jim Byrne, and E.C. Tolentino, were anti-revisionist members of the Tucson Club of the Communist Party USA. [1]


In 2013, s significant grouping of communists recently joined the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! (FRSO). Centered in Tucson, the group ranges from a well-read high school student up to a comrade in his late seventies with lifelong experience in the Communist Party USA. They include students, workers and educators from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, united in struggle for immigrant rights, workers and unions and against U.S. wars and oppression. Rings of other activists and revolutionaries are now discussing this bold move by the Arizona communists.

The decision to leave the Communist Party and join the FRSO was not taken lightly. It was serious and deliberate. As Jafe Arnoldski said, “We discussed the problems we were facing and three things stood out. One, the social-democratic leadership of the Communist Party has rejected Marxism-Leninism and the historical experiences of socialism at a time when the socialist vision is especially necessary. Two, the Communist Party's program and line misleads the working class with illusions about the Democratic Party, while putting socialism on the back burner for some future ‘stage.’ And three, under the social-democratic line, party discipline and organization have deteriorated, accountability and criticism/self-criticism have collapsed and bureaucratic formalities are the norm.”[2]

RSCC Fundraiser and Open Mic - Three Years in the Struggle

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee organized an event "RSCC Fundraiser and Open Mic - Three Years in the Struggle" at Picture the Homeless, 104-106 East 126 Street, Saturday 28 February 2015.

For three years now, the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee(RSCC) has been serving the needs of oppressed nationality people of NYC by working toward the liberation of CUNY. We want CUNY, an institution which puts the interests of the state before the needs of the majority of NYC's population, working class people, to become bases for revolutionary struggles inside and outside the university.

Those indicating support or attendance on Wherevent included Lisa Gagliardo, Nicole Bugarin, Suzanne Bjorndal, Sankofa Taylor, Percy Lujan, Khalil Vasquez, Rajib Lovesramen Miah, Omar Rashid, Tafadar Sourov, Dan Cione, R-naby Shuma , Juan David Lopez Velez, Corey Uhl, Carlos A. Taveras, Jr., Jim Byrne, Marisa Dos Santos, Archer Sackey, Jon Laks, Angie De LaGhetto, Rockey Meitei Saphaba, Katrina Cortes, Rani Ghosson, Nizum Khan, Richard Finkelstein, Kenneth Fuglemsmo.[3]

Anti-Trump protest

According to Jim Byrne of FightBack! News, the Tucson Anti War Committee organized an action for Thursday, March 16, 2017, at 5 p.m. at the Federal Building in downtown Tucson. The protest was set for the day that Trump’s new executive order against specific Muslim majority countries was to go into effect.

“We know that the last Muslim ban was successfully resisted by mass struggle at airports and other places and we aim to join the wave of anti-Trump resistance,” said organizer Amanda Molina.

The protest was co-sponsored by the Arizona Peace Council.[4]