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Jewel Stroman

DC Neighborhood politics

In 2018, the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America focused their efforts on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission races. The 11 members they have running are: Caleb-Michael Files for single member district 1B02; Dan Orlaskey for 1B02; Stuart Karaffa for 1D05; Matthew Sampson for 2B01; John Grill for 3C01; Beau Finley for 3C04; Ashik Siddique for 4C03; Luke Cieslewicz for 5C07; Ryan Linehan for 5D01; Mysiki Valentine for 7D04, and Jewel Stroman for 7B07. The group is also endorsing Emily Gasoi for the Ward 1 seat of the DC State Board of Education.[1]

@018 effort

Socialist candidates appeared on the 2018 ballots for Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats in five of the District of Columbia’s eight wards. It’s the largest election push by the Democratic Socialists of America in any city in the country.

“For me, socialism is someone who doesn’t want to be controlled by politics or the typical political standards,” said Jewel Stroman, a candidate running for an ANC seat in Southeast Washington. “Socialists just think that the people should run the system, that the people should have a bigger voice. And I agree; we should have the biggest voice in these decisions that are made about our lives.”

Jewel Stroman, candidate for a Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commission seat, talks with fellow Democratic Socialists of America members Justin McCarthy and Kim Lehmkuhl after participating in a candidates’ forum at the DC Dream Center.