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Southern New Mexico New Progressives

Southern New Mexico New Progressives May 18 2019·


Left to right: John Gilkison, from Electric Vehicle Organization of Southern New Mexico; Antoinette Reyes, Southern New Mexico New Progressives co-chair; Tim Curtin, secretary for the Green Party of New Mexico; Abraham Sanchez, organizer for CAFé; Jerry Morris, representing the Adelante Progressive Caucus; Mark Wood, representing Democratic Socialists of America; and Viann Beadle, representing Indivisible LAS CRUCES.

Alliance for Retired Americans

In 2009 Jerry Morris was Oregon State contact for the Alliance for Retired Americans.[1]

"Special May Day Greetings, 1989"

From the "Special May Day Greetings, 1989" issue of the "People's Daily World" (PDW), Section B, we read the following: "Tucson's progressive community congratulates the PDW on its anniversary and sends May Day greetings to all our friends across the country. The need to struggle against nuclear holocaust, to preserve a liveable and pleasant environment on our planet, and to bring peace, justice and economic well-being to all humanity is now more apparent than ever. Join us to make a better world."

Most signatories were members of the Arizona District Communist Party USA.Signatories included Jerry Morris.