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Jennifer Pae

Jennifer Pae was a Trainer at Wellstone Action. Director FairVote California.

Born in the Bay Area and raised in California’s Central Valley, Jennifer Pae's commitment to empowering her community through civic engagement was shaped by her single immigrant mother. Pae is a first-generation college graduate from the University of California, San Diego where she led campaigns to expand access to higher education and improve campus safety policies by organizing events to prevent violence against women. She was the first Asian-American woman elected to serve as the student body president.

Subsequently, she served as the president of the United States Student Association, Project Director for PowerPAC, founding staff member of, and Project Manager for Voter Service at the League of Women Voters of California, where she continued her work to engage young people, women, and people of color in the political process.

In addition to serving as the FairVote California Director, Jennifer continues to travel around the country with Camp Wellstone, New American Leaders Project, and APIA Vote, training hundreds of activists to run effective and strategic campaigns.[1]


United for Peace and Justice Affiliation

In July 2007 Jennifer Pae representing United States Student Association was affiliated to United for Peace and Justice.[2]

Ella Baker Center supporter

In 2009 Jennifer Pae was a financial supporter of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California.[3]

PAC+ Oakland kick-off event


Steve Phillips October 30, 2013 near Oakland, CA ·

At PAC+ Oakland kick-off event. Happy to be in Oaktown!! — with Gloria Totten, Cedric Brown, Jennifer Pae, Aimee Allison and Ludovic Blain.

PowerPac+ Board of Directors

PowerPAC+ Board of Directors, as of 2014 included Jennifer Pae - Oakland , CA League of Women Voters of California.[4]