Javier Bravo

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Javier Bravo

Javier Bravo is a well-known representative of Morena Guanajuato. He is Professor of History and Archaeology at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, and contributor to the Project Izquierda Latina of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.[1]

Studied in the Soviet Union

Javier Bravo studied in the Soviet Union at the end of the Soviet period.[2]

Boston comrades

Javier Bravo January 8 2019.

Con Aviva Chomsky, Gabriel Mireles y Jeff Crosby.


— in Boston, Massachusetts.


Javier Bravo January 5 2019 near La Habana, Cuba.

"No hay tiempo que perder."

Con Bruce Hobson, camarada de lucha latina con el proyecto @LiberationRoad.

" There's no time to lose."


With Bruce Hobson, comrade of Latin struggle with the project @LiberationRoad.

Solidarity Project with the People of Mexico

Mary Jo Connelly September 6 2019·

Don't miss the chance to join us next Sunday Sept. 15 from 4-6pm for food and conversation with Prof. Javier Bravo, a representative of Mexico's MORENA Party (the party that elected AMLO, a left-progressive President of Mexico).

The event will be held at 50 Maverick Square, 2nd floor. The event is co-sponsored by Liberation Road, Mijente Latin American Solidarity Circle and the Solidarity Project with the People of Mexico.


It's a great opportunity to hear what's happening in Mexico with the astounding election of progressive Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), and to talk about what we can do on both sides of the border. For fellow left-electoral geeks, there's a lot to learn from AMLO and MORENA experience. See the attached flier for more information.

Mexican solidarity event


Mexican Solidarity Coalition / Coalicion en Solidaridad con Mexico

Mexican Solidarity Coalition / Coalicion en Solidaridad con Mexico]] July 28 2019 · Opportunity to participate in a Mexican Solidarity Event in San Diego on Sept. Thurs 19 - Fri. 20

Professor Javier Bravo, a long-time activist and a rep for MORENA will be in San Diego, Sept. 19-20 as part of a national tour. Speaking about current struggles in Mexico & how we build a movement against Trump to stop the right-wings ethnic cleansing against Mexican & other immigrants.

LA event on Sept. 22, 12-3 pm at CASA, 2102 E. 1st St.

Exact times and locations in SD to be announced. Want to help organize Solidarity or co-sponsor? Call 619-251-0404, 619-871-9354 Martin Eder - ActivistSD@gmail.com

Political Regeneration and Hope in Mexico


Political Regeneration and Hope in Mexico, Public · Hosted by Sarah Jarmon and Isaac Ontiveros, Bruce Hobson, Doug Monica, Michelle Foy.

Saturday, July 21 (2018) at 4 PM PDT.

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC).

Sponsored by Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Center for Political Education.

Javier Bravo, professor of history at the University of Guanajuato, México and representative for México’s left party, MORENA (National Regeneration Movement -- Movimiento Regeneración Nacional) will speak on the post election situation and political crisis in México.[3]

AMLO connection