Jason Schadewald

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Jason Schadewald

Standing for AD 41

In 2019 Jason Schadewald stood from AD 41 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

There’s a detrimental trend in political circles and in the media wherein we focus on what’s wrong and what makes us angry or fearful. So, let’s not do that. Instead, let’s talk about how we can restore hope to this country and how we can work together–as individuals and as a party–to solve the great social challenges of our generation. To that end, our Democratic party, our platform, and our candidates must dedicate themselves to building Justice into every aspect of our society: climate justice, racial justice, economic justice, healthcare justice, educational justice.

As Democrats for Justice, we must end the school to prison pipeline, pass Medicare for All, abolish private for-profit prisons, implement a Green New Deal to reverse climate change, create Green Jobs, and convert our military-industrial complex into a healthcare-education-climate complex. We must withdraw from wars of imperialism and conquest. We must expand voting rights. We must reimagine our police force and our criminal justice systems, purge them of known white supremacists, and convict officers who murder unarmed civilians. We must fully fund our public school system, increase teachers’ pay, and stop blaming poor school performance on anything other than the regressive policies that continually punish poverty. We must legalize rent control, build lots of new *affordable* housing in every California city, and offer public housing that sets a high quality of life standard. We need to establish a living minimum wage, which should be at least $20 in Los Angeles County. Perhaps most importantly, we as delegates and community members must engage and organize our neighbors to be informed, to be active, and to hold our state and local elected representatives accountable to do the jobs we elected them to do.

The good news is that all of our goals have been accomplished to some extent somewhere in the world or sometime in history. Our goals are achievable, and we can achieve them in our time with our hard work. We can solve the problems of hate, of racism and prejudice, of inequality, of corruption, and of environmental sustainability because we have no other choice but to solve them. The time has come for an age of justice, a kind and peaceful justice that recognizes our shared humanity on our shared planet.[1]

LA Pride march

Amy J. Smith June 15, 2017:


LA Pride — with Sonum Dixit, Jason Schadewald, Betty Doumas, Helga Rodriguez, Jenni Chang and Gideon Sarantinos.