Jack Holtzman

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Jack Holtzman

Template:TOCnestleft Jack Holtzman lives in North Carolina and supported the Mt. Olive Pickle Boycott since its inception. He is associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.[1]


Jack Holtzman was in the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters.

Freedom Road

In 1988, Jack Holtzman was the only North Carolina member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

FRSO recruiter


Circa 1988 Freedom Road Socialist Organization compiled a "Nationality Contact" list. It comprised of people Freedom Road would like to work with or to recruit, mainly through racial issues.

The list included Gordon Dillahunt and Elaine Dillahunt of the Amilcar Cabral/Paul Robeson Collective, and their college age daughter Dara Dillahunt. Jack Holtzman was named as a suitable contact. .

Legal activism

Jack Holtzman came to the North Carolina Justice Center litigation unit as a Senior Attorney in 2002. Since his arrival, Jack successfully has litigated a series of important cases on behalf of workers, public housing tenants, persons with disabilities, consumers, public school students, immigrants and many others. Holtzman has also served as a trainer and public speaker and has authored an important report on immigrant access to public benefits. Prior to joining the Justice Center, Jack was a policy analyst with the North Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations, working on affordable housing and community economic development issues. During the 1980’s and 90’s, Jack worked as a Legal Services attorney and then litigated in federal court as an attorney with North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services.[2]

Opposing Israeli Policy in Gaza

In January 2009 Jack Holtzman signed a statement circulated by the Magnes Zionist Blog, opposing Israeli policy in Gaza:[3]

As human beings, we are shocked and appalled at the mass destruction unleashed by the State of Israel against the people of Gaza in its military operation, following years of Israeli occupation, siege, and deprivation.
As progressives, we reject the same justifications for the carnage that we heard ad nauseam from the supporters of the Second Iraq War: the so-called "war on terror," the "clash of civilizations," the "need to re-establish deterrence" – all of which served to justify a misguided and unnecessary war, with disastrous consequences for America and Iraq.



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